The Sound of Silence

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Sound of Silence

On Monday, December 2nd, 2019, the pianist Marialena Fernandes, the mindfulness and meditation teacher Martina Esberger-Chowdhury, together with the moderator Eszter Dorner-Brader have put together a program titled “The Sound of Silence”. 

Music and meditation touch layers of Being, that we are unable to access by the intellect. In the energy-draining pre-holiday season, this is a special gift for us – to be one with ourselves and deeply at peace.

Registration required:

Quote: Alpha –  Newsletter Nov-Dec 2019/N. 174, S. 7)

More info

Club Alpha

Stubenbastei 12/14

1010 Vienna

Monday, 2.12.2019

19:00 Uhr

Moderator: Eszter Dorner-Brader.

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