Mindfulness in Banking and Finance – a Master thesis on the framework required

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Yesterday, on September 9th, I had the honour of participating in a “in person” defence of a Master thesis at the University of applied sciences, kph Wien/Krems. Sonja Rischer, who has just concluded the postgraduate course in “Mindfulness in education, consulting and healthcare”, wrote her thesis on Mindfulness in the finance sector. Her topic was “The conditions required for the introduction of mindfulness as a fundamental value in the corporate culture of financial companies”. As a supervisor and lecturer in the master’s course since 2018, it is inspiring to observe how scientific research studies of this kind, can enable Mindfulness to establish its mainstream standing in various areas. Perhaps the introduction of a culture of mindfulness could help the banking world to regain trustworthiness, something that occasionally gets undermined? Congratulations Sonja Rischer for her well-deserved Master of Science!

Master Thesis Presentation